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Due to the pressure on space for plots in the cemetery, the following is the policy in place for those seeking a plot in the graveyard.


Mullingar Parish Adminstration has confirmed that there would be no further land purchased by the parish when the graveyard needs to be extended.  If land were to become available through fundraising by the parishioners of Walshestown, the question of planning permission would be an issue as we are in the catchment area for Lough Owel.


In view of these two major issues, the committee has taken the decision to try and limit the use of Walshestown graveyard to:


  • People living in the town land of Walshestown

  • Those who already have an existing family plot in Walshestown Cemetery.


We do realise that this decision may not be welcomed by everyone, but due to the rapid rate at which the graveyard is filling up, we feel it is a priority at this point to ensure that the people of Walshestown can be buried in their local graveyard. Finally, we would like to add that the priests of the parish are aware of this decision and have assured us of their support.


We thank you in anticipation of your support.


Walshestown Cemetery Committee

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